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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fitzy & Wippa’s Golden Wippa Race!; Nova FM promotion in Sydney

Fitzy and Wippa Golden RaceFitzy and Wippa Golden RaceFitzy and Wippa Golden RaceFitzy and Wippa Golden RaceFitzy and Wippa Golden RaceFitzy and Wippa Golden Race
Via Flickr:
Fitzy & Wippa’s Golden Wippa Race! - Human Statue Bodyart paints Nova FM's Wippa in gold bodypaint for an edge...

Nova FM's Wippa was spotted at Rosehill Racecourse today - site of the Toohey's New Golden Slipper.

The golden bodypaint is being used to help give Wippa an advantage in his race against a racehorse.

The popular radio station is encouraging its audience to pick the winner, and if you get it right you're going to win $5000 AUD.

The Nova FM promo reads...

Who do you reckon would win between a fine, well trained racehorse, and… well… Wippa painted head to toe in gold?

Place your bets on The Golden Wippa Race now, coz it could score you $5k, and seats for you and your buddies at one of the BMW Sydney Carnivals finest events - the Toohey's New Golden Slipper

Yes, you read that correctly, Wip’s going head to head with a fully fledged race horse, while he’s smothered in gold body paint (maybe it’ll make him run faster?!)

Tell us who you think will outpace the other at the final furlong below, and you & your friends could be suiting up for the Toohey's New Golden Slipper, with a lazy $5k in your pocket - don’t spend it all at once!


Nova 96.9 - Fitzy & Wippa

Nova 96.9

Australian Turf Club

The BMW Sydney Carnival - Golden Slipper Day

Human Statue Bodyart

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