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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Halloween Bodypainting

Sydney’s Zeta Bar at the Hilton Hotel got a bit of a leg up on the other Halloween themed entertainment tonight as their extreme cabaret unleashed Halloween Girl.

She was unmistakable, as Halloween girl showed off her skeleton er legs, torso et al.

This creation was one that you would not likely find at Luna Park or in a school classroom.

The dancing skeleton stirred up patrons appetite for a drink, nibble and photo opportunities, and there was plenty of tease in the mix.

Model Anastasiya Bakss pulled off the dancing skeleton routine beautifully, and seemed to get right into the spirit of things.

Someone from the crowd was overheard "My Halloween dream has come early. I've got the treat here, not the trick. This is tickling my funny bone".

You wouldn't have guessed, but tonight's creation was made up in only an hour. The creation was a massive hit at the Zeta Bar, and word spread around other floors of the Hilton.

Snatch the opportunity to do Sydney in a naughty and teasing way. Come again to Sydney Hilton next Friday night and experience the new phenom known as 'extreme cabaret'. Trick or treat? You will have to join us to find out.


*photography by Eva Rinaldi Photography

*artistic creations by Human Statue Bodyart


Hilton Hotel Sydney

Zeta Bar

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